Number of Planets with Rings

There are many scientists that have discovered various stars, planets and other things in the outer space and some of the discoveries that they have done is enumerating the planets having rings around them. It is known that many people are aware that Saturn is the popular ringed planet in the solar system, but aside from Saturn, people should know that it is not the only planet that has rings. There are various planets that have rings, and these rings were discovered as Earth sends various missions in the outer space.

Apart from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter are the planets that have rings around them. Saturn was the only planet known before to have rings since the person who discovered it during 1610 was Galileo. It was known to be the earliest discovery of a person for a planet with rings. It is known to be the planet that has a ring system that is more elaborate than other planets in the solar system. The popular features of the rings surrounding Saturn are that rocky debris and ice particles are the ones that comprise the rings.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is also called as the largest planet in the system, and ring system was discovered in 1979 by Voyager I Probe. The ring system of the planet has three patterns which is the halo, main ring and gossamer ring. Gossamer ring, which was the 3rd ring, was discovered to be made up of 2 other rings, wherein the other ring is embedded with the other. Most of the particles that made up the rings of Jupiter are fragments of various rocks and smallest dust particles.

Uranus is known to be the very first planet that was discovered through the use of a telescope. James Elliot, Douglas Mink and Edward Dunham were the people who discovered the rings of the planet in 1977. The ring system of the planet is composed of 13 rings that are composed of fine dust and most of it is opaque. Voyager was the spacecraft that has sent images of the entire ring system and was the one that made it possible for the space station to see what was out there.

If there are planets that were discovered through a telescope, there is also a planet that was discovered with just using mathematical predictions, and this is Neptune. Johan Gottfried Galle was the person who confirmed Neptune’s presence while he was at Berlin Observatory in 1846. In regards to the rings, its ring system is comprised of incomplete arcs and faint rings.

With every ring discovered in every planet, a corresponding name is given by people who have discovered it. Some are named according to which was discovered first and some were named according to its sequence. Spacecrafts are able to prove what they have seen in the outer space by getting the best images possible from the outer space and send it through the space station where they have a contact with. Though some rings are already discovered decades ago, the discovery of more rings is still done by more scientists and astronauts that are sent in missions.

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